Preliminary Lease Qualifying Application

Enter your Huge Group Deal Member Cost

Until accepted by Lessor, you make equal monthly payments via ACH of your "member cost" to Tips Marketing Services, Corp. (TIPS) (the owner of Huge Group Deals). You may request leasing evaluation, prior to the first payment to (TIPS) of your Member Cost. Your HGD Member cost can be paid up to 18 months. If accepted by lessor, the lessor will pay the business providing your product the remaining member cost balance. Your desired monthly member cost payment schedule to (TIPS) is made until leasing can be acquired.

Example: Say the product has a Member Cost of $3,000. While lessor is evaluating your application, you decide to make equal monthly payments to Tips up to 18 months. You choose 10 months so $3,000 divided by 10 months is $300 per month. If leasing is not obtained upfront for $3,000 it may be obtained when your remaining balance is lower. Example: You pay (TIPS) 3 months ($900) and now your remaining balance is $900 less (Member Cost $3,000- Amount Paid $900= Remaining Balance $2,100). You get full $900 deducted from MEMBER COST while your credit is being evaluated. If a lease is not obtained you continue to make payments and when the payments end you obtain the product. If a lease is obtained prior to the end of your chosen payment period, you receive your product at that point. If you are approved by lessor when your remaining balance is $2,100, that payment may be stretched as long as the lessor will allow. Example: You may be able to stretch the $2,100 leasing payments over 2 years and based upon your credit score that will determine the interest you pay lessor.

If you do not qualify upfront for leasing prior to making monthly ACH payments to TIPS, how many months (up to 18 months) do you want to make payments:

Your monthly ACH payments to TIPS is your MEMBER COST divided by the Months you chose. You may choose to increase the monthly member cost payments to reduce the remaining balance faster, which may improve the ability to obtain lease, which enables you to obtain your product.








You must agree to honor our wholesale price for 18 months from the approval date for any member that has already started payments. You are free to not take any new members upon 10 days written notice. We will evaluate your offer and decide whether to post it on our site.

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